added OLEDs, PLEDs to Displays..

Kanga has been upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS server.

added some HP PSU manuals to 'Power Supplies'

added Power Supplies

Added some more display device data..

removed ChipDir - very old, and subject to link complaints..

removed Sams RepairFAQ links - now very old and a listed supplier ( is antsy about their links

style sheets will be applied sometime...

Older news... has changed servers - a new P4M 1U server!!

Even more IC's and Microcontrollers!!!

Microcontrollers now have their own folder; Arduino family to get a folder soon!

Kanga has moved to!!

Displays: LCD, LEDS folder added..
Kanga upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04.1; port back to 9080

Communications Equipment folder added..

Sensors folder added..

more categories under semis - microcontrollers, Atmel, PIC, 68HC etc..

Kanga has been upgraded to Ubuntu 7.10 from 7.04 server.

the NT4 box died of natural causes...

There are now some EBooks here from Project Gutenberg (from Mag CD and others that have been downloaded . The RepairFAQ pages were updated at the end of 2005. All my collected Datasheets etc, are being uploaded from eeyore and elsewhere.

Linux ISO's are here - not necessarily the latest.. This site will get style sheets! - sometime...

even more drivers and other tech. content sometime.


its the real Kanga..